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Josephine Wilkinson – world traveller, educator, author and eternal optimist.

  • Have you ever felt that feeling?
    I last wrote of my trip to confirm if I should embark on a new adventure, a move to the sea with a friend who needs support. I was left in no doubt. It was more of a rebirth, one might say. I shed unconscious “years” from mind and body. My “cage” had been soContinue reading “Have you ever felt that feeling?”
  • One Last Adventure?
    Some may think it strange embarking on a new adventure so close to my seventieth birthday. “Haven’t you had enough adventures?” some ask. I did ask myself that question. A biography of my life would doubtless be deemed “unrealistic”. Too many adventures, miracles, and unlikely co-incidences. I’ve had to learn to be cautious in howContinue reading “One Last Adventure?”
  • Why Fantasy?
    Why do we read it? Why do we write it? Even in long gone days, tales were told around the fire, filling long winter evenings with much embroidered tales. Is it simply a gene choice? Are we searching for something more, something to kindle the soul? I first read Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” whenContinue reading “Why Fantasy?”
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Though writing stories from her earliest days, Jo Wilkinson majored in fine art, (her other passion) receiving a honours degree from Winchester School of Art and Design…

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