Christian Fantasy. Redefined

Josephine Wilkinson – world traveller, educator, author and eternal optimist.

  • Bear. (Flash fiction)
    Sam’s heart was all but frozen beneath its frosty shield, but, somewhere, under the ice, life yet flowed, hidden, protected, waiting for the thaw of spring. It was a day as other days, riding the train home behind the newspaper, suit neatly fitting, briefcase at his side. He noticed as she sat opposite him, notedContinue reading “Bear. (Flash fiction)”
  • The Wishing Tree. (Flash fiction)
    An ancient oak rests among the elms and birches. Its branches gnarled and twisted, trunk thick and ridged. It’s very old. Children have built a platform where its trunk splits into thick limbs. A boy-fashioned rope ladder dangles from a planked room, housed with a tiny window. A bucket hangs, on knotted rope, above aContinue reading “The Wishing Tree. (Flash fiction)”
  • “Homesick” For Other Lands.
    Chinese New Year strikes a cord within me, bringing echoes of smells, sights and sounds tumbling through my memory. The smell of dumplings, bowls of steaming rice. Stains spilt on immaculate white tablecloths as customers wash restaurant cups and bowls in tea. Fireworks cracking and popping day and night, sans of any notion of safety.Continue reading ““Homesick” For Other Lands.”
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Though writing stories from her earliest days, Jo Wilkinson majored in fine art, (her other passion) receiving a honours degree from Winchester School of Art and Design…

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