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Christian Fantasy. Redefined

Josephine Wilkinson – world traveller, educator, author and eternal optimist.

  • I Can Cry Now.
    For years I couldn’t cry. I still remember at my mother’s funeral my teenage daughter saying. “You are the most wonderful mother any child could have, but I’ve never seen you cry, even now?” How could I answer that once begun the tears would never end. As a mother bringing up seven precious children IContinue reading “I Can Cry Now.”
  • Ezekiel 1: 4- 28
    I’ve always wanted to paint this (and had several abysmally failed attempts) now with digital art (and lots of free resources) it’s become possible to make a glimpse of what Ezekiel may have seen. (Sadly it lost a little clarity in the posting.)
  • Bamboo.
    I have always enjoyed finding subjects usually unnoticed, such was this beautiful bamboo cane in a Gaungou garden. (soft pencil sketch)
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Though writing stories from her earliest days, Jo Wilkinson majored in fine art, (her other passion) receiving a honours degree from Winchester School of Art and Design…

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